DIGIFORCE® and DigiControl PC software – A high-performance package digicontrol DIGIFORCE® is a fully autonomous test controller that displays status information and evaluation results in most applications, which can also be transmitted to a controller. The high-performance software package DigiControl has additional functions to further increase process availability and reliability. Even the basic version supports full device configuration, creation of backups, reading and displaying measurement curves including all evaluation results and statistics storage. An especially convenient feature is the definition of envelopes or evaluation window limits and conditions based on a set of curves of measured master or reference parts. In addition to the basic functions, the Plus version of the DigiControl PC software provides an automatic production mode, which logs production measurement data with clear parts reference for example. The resulting measurement logs are not only available in the internal program format, but can also be imported directly into Excel. In addition to the DIGIFORCE® device interface, it also supports an additional control interface for more complex tasks. Thus device configurations can be reloaded or component designations can be transferred for measurement data logging for example.


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